Just before 3 p.m., one of the new Tasers was called for. All patrol officers won't have these for a few more weeks, so a SWAT team member had to bring one from downtown, Broxterman said. Through the same window, the Taser was fired, and it immediately brought the man down, he said. Tasers are battery-operated guns that fire a small dart connected to a metal wire. The weapon sends a 50,000-volt charge along the wire, disabling a person by causing muscle contractions.

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The man was taken to University Hospital, where he remained Thursday night. His vital signs were good, and he wasn't injured from any of the weapons the officers used to subdue him, Broxterman said. He faces no criminal charges, Broxterman said, but he will be evaluated for mental illness. The officers weren't out there firing things at him willy-nilly, Broxterman said.

"We waited to see if something would take effect, then we tried something else," he said. Three weeks ago, a divided city council voted to start equipping all officers with the new Tasers, at a cost of $1 million. Opponents fear the weapons will be used more readily on black residents, whom they say police are already too prone to use force on. Mayor Charlie Luken had pushed for the Tasers after Nathaniel Jones died in a struggle with police last Nov. 30.

The weapons would give police another way to subdue people without using deadly force, the mayor said then. City Council Member Jim Tarbell, who voted for the Tasers, said Thursday's use sounded like a good one. "If all you have is a gun or a baton, that's all you can use, unless you happen to be Bruce Lee," he said. "You have these situations nowadays where you've just got to be very sensitive," he said. "While it's incumbent on the individual who's causing the trouble to prove himself, Tarbell said.