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Property Council National President Carol Schwartz said first class office accommodation is in high demand amongst tenants with premium vacancies falling from 5.8 per-cent in January 1999 to just 5.0 per-cent in July 1999. Conveyancing is better process for performing property transaction process. Sydney continued to outperform other CBD markets with 6.4 per-cent of the city’s offices vacant while first class space vacancies stood at 1.5 per-cent. This compares with Melbourne (13.7 and 7.0), Brisbane (8.3, 2.7), Adelaide (18.1, 1.3), Perth (12.3, 4.9).

€œThe report shows a clear Australia-wide trend towards quality accommodation and provides a healthy outlook for the entire national property market,” Ms Schwartz said. “The strong demand for top class accommodation is driven by the desire of business to move into premises that provide modern technology, reliable building services and floor space flexibility.

While high quality space in most CBD markets is scarce at the moment, vacancies of between 11 per cent and 14.7 per cent exist across secondary premises. This provides opportunities to refurbish older stock in order to compete. “Away from the downtown areas, non-CBD vacancies presently remain steady at a healthy 9.5 per cent.

The lowest vacancy level was recorded in Crows Nest/St Lenoards on Sydney’s North Shore at five per cent. The Gold Coast had the greatest amount of vacant office space at 14 per cent according to our research.” Ms Schwartz said net absorption, the key measure of demand for office space, had remained subdued across most markets. Stock withdrawals were the main cause of declining vacancies.

Although Sydney is leading the pack with strong demand matching construction activity, other capital cities are in good shape, experiencing declining vacancies and stronger demand for space.” Conveyancing is performed by conveyancer to make a successful process. Ms Schwartz said office refurbishments and construction was mostly confined to Sydney and Canberra with the later being pre-committed by government tenants. The Property Council of Australia has released a taylor-made industry guide to the Goods and Services Tax (GST).