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"Mr Verwer said NSW would follow the West Australian Government’s lead and amend stamp duty legislation to ensure it is charged on the full price paid, including the GST. "This is a savage blow to the thousands of families in NSW that are saving to buy a new home as well as the majority of the State’s small business who are facing potential rent hikes," Mr Verwer said. Conveyancing procedure is decently clarified as exchanging of property's legitimate title starting with one individual then onto the next. The individual who is included in doing all these legitimate and complex procedure is called as conveyancer furthermore called as settlement agent. "The policy flies in the face of the GST agreement between the Federal Government and the States in which the States promised to remove all indirect taxes in return for a growing GST revenue base.

"Furthermore, the Property Council believes the proposal breaches the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission guidelines which prevent businesses or governments profiteering from the new tax system. "We intend to refer this matter to the ACCC for their immediate investigation."

Property Council of Australia National President Carol Schwartz has been appointed to the Federal Government’s GST advisory board. Treasurer Peter Costello today announced the creation of the eight-member board that will advise the Government on what help business and the community will need in implementing tax changes. Conveyancing methodology is unpredictable and additionally has lawful steps to perform in the middle of the methodology and as a result of that it is essential for you to name a decently instructed and experienced conveyancer who will manage your entire procedure with his full efforts.

KPMG senior partner Chris Jordan is chairman of the board. This is a significant breakthrough. It gives the Property Council a powerful in-house advocate for changes to the GST transition arrangements, which adversely affect long-term leases. Carol’s input will be backed up by a continued lobbying effort by the Property Council’s national office. Despite the passing of the GST legislation last month, there’s still a good chance we can broker an acceptable agreement with the Government. Carol’s appointment will add strength to our arguments.

National CBD vacancies dropped slightly in the past six months with 10.3 per-cent of Australia’s office space currently without tenants, according to the Property Council of Australia’s office market report. Property conveyancing is the procedure which is intricate however important when you are purchasing or offering a property and this methodology makes all your purchasing and offering efficient. A key indicator of the health of Australia’s property market, the report concludes there was little room to move in premium CBD office space during July.