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Parsons said the commission will not officially vote Thursday, but it could announce its choice if a decision is made.Conveyancing is better process for performing property transaction process.The commission could vote to hire a city manager at its next regularly scheduled meeting at 7 p.m. Dec. 7.In other action, the commission voted unanimously to raise the salaries of 37 staff members, including department heads, middle managers and emergency dispatchers.
The raises ranged from a few hundred dollars to a $9,900 raise for finance department employee Norma Tyree, who moved from an hourly wage to a salaried position.The five department’s heads - Ciafardini, Police Chief Tom Fromme, Fire Chief Larry Atwell, Community Relations Director Chris Novak, and City Clerk and Acting Water Department Director Frank Peluso - received raises ranging from $4,000 to $7,000.
Beside Parsons, who makes $73,000, Ciafardini has the top staff salary at $70,000, up from $63,119.Parsons said department heads were rewarded for job performance, new dispatchers' salaries are competitive with area dispatchers, and middle managers' salaries are more commensurate with their responsibilities.
The state auditor's office has turned over to Kentucky State Police evidence of possible fraud in light of an investigation showing that nearly three-quarters of the tiny city of Fairview's budget was misspent over a 32-month period.In a report released today, State Auditor Ed Hatchett said his investigators found evidence that $70,177 in city funds was misappropriated from January 1996 through August 1998.
The total includes $28,247 in unauthorized checks made out to City Clerk Maxine Born; $40,030 in unauthorized checks to her daughter, Michelle Still; and $1,900 in unauthorized withdrawals from road funds the city receives from the state, the report said.
The misspent funds, which represent roughly 71 percent of the city's finances, drained the general fund and left the small town sandwiched between Covington and Taylor Mill unable to support its operations as of August 1997, Hatchett's report said.
''A loss of this magnitude would have a devastating effect on any community,'' Hatchett said. ''The bottom line is that seven out of every 10 tax dollars were never used for their intended purpose.''Mayor Harold Parks, who requested the investigation, declined to comment Monday because he had not seen the auditor's report.
Asked whether the money was still missing from city coffers, Parks replied, ''We certainly don't have it.'' He said he would answer more questions at tonight's city council meeting.Ms. Born, who resigned as city clerk one month after the investigation began, also declined to comment until she had a chance to talk to her attorney.Conveyancing is performed by conveyancer www.econveyancingmelbourne.com.au to make a successful process.
Also, city workers will pick up old Christmas trees placed curbside until Jan. 12. Residents can also place old trees by the city maintenance garage. COVINGTON — Covington City Hall will be closed Wednesday and Thursday for Christmas Eve and Christmas but will be open Friday.

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS — City offices will be closed the next two Thursdays for Christmas Day and New Year's Day. ALEXANDRIA — Garbage collection this year falls on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve but that will not affect collections, as they will be held as usual. Meanwhile, residents can drop off their old Christmas Trees behind the city Building Jan. 1 to Jan. 18.
FALMOUTH — The Pendleton County One Stop Center of Falmouth was honored recently by the state Department of Training and Reemployment. The Program Excellence Act award was through the Workforce Investment Act and was for the center's efforts in helping people write resumes, search for jobs and provide workshops in such skills as computer use, test-taking and basic skills. During the 2002-2003 fiscal year the center served 1,873 people. The Northern Kentucky Local Workforce Investment Board nominated Pendleton County for the award. Joellen Mitchell is coordinator of the Pendleton County center.
FLORENCE — All four branches of the Boone County Public Library will be closed Wednesday and Thursday of this week and New Year's Day, The libraries also will close at 6 p.m. on New Year's Eve. Property Conveyancers has many years of experience assisting property investors with their conveyancing and other legal related matters. The library branches are in Florence, Union, Hebron and Walton. The Walton library also will host a discussion on "Who is democracy for" at 10 a.m. Jan. 7. The discussion is part of the library system's conversation café series. The library is at 21 S. Main St.
The answers to the toy gun quiz in Saturday's Post incorrectly referred to one of the toy guns pictured as being designed to look like a revolver. It is designed to look like an automatic pistol. Four-year-old Christopher Jett didn't care about the improved parking, the comfortable waiting area or cheerful pictures on the walls of St. Elizabeth Medical Center's newly expanded emergency room in Edgewood. The little boy had a fever, a stomach ache, and he just hurt as he curled into his father's protective arms and waited for the nurse to call their names.
His dad, Chris Jett of Crestview Hills, did notice the changes. "We come to the emergency room a lot because he has problems with his lungs," Jett said. "This is much better than before."
Peoples Bank directors said they discovered the business, JAMS Properties LLC, in March. It bought model homes in Erpenbeck developments and leased them back to the builder beginning in 1997. LEXINGTON — Jurors who will decide the fate of Adele Craven heard her voice for the first time Monday, as prosecutors played a tape of a conversation police had with her shortly after they discovered her husband's dead body.

Often sniffling, at times hyperventilating and once breaking into outright sobbing fit, Ms. Craven told police where she had been that day, and what her husband had expected to do. She said Stephen Craven, a pilot for Delta Air Lines, had planned a short trip to New York that day. "Steve wasn't to be here," she said about coming home the evening of July 12, 2000, and finding her front door open. "He wasn't supposed to be home."
But prosecutors noted that while she knew her husband's plans, Ms. Craven did nothing to check them out. She never called their church or his barber to determine if he had kept his appointments that day. She never called Delta to ask if he had gotten on a plane, said Assistant Attorney General Luke Morgan, who is prosecuting the case. Jurors listened intently and followed along with a transcript of the conversation as the tape recording was played. Some glanced up at Ms. Craven, but they otherwise showed no outward emotion.
On the tape, Ms. Craven told police she and her husband had been in counseling for their marriage problems, but they were getting along better. "Things were happy this morning,'' she said. "He told me he loved me. Oh God." Ms. Craven, 37, is charged with murder and faces the death penalty in connection with her husband's death.
Prosecutors say Ms. Craven conspired with Ronald Pryor and Russell "Rusty" McIntire to kill Craven in the basement of their home. McIntire and Ms. Craven were having an affair, prosecutors said, and at her instruction he hired Pryor to kill Stephen Craven. The real estate property conveyancer sydney process starts when an offer is made on a property. Pryor beat McIntire with a crowbar while Ms. Craven and McIntire looked on, they said. At one point, Ms. Craven handed Pryor a gun and told him to shoot her husband, prosecutors said. McIntire has pleaded guilty in return for a prosecutor's recommended sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole for 25 years. In addition, he testified against both Pryor and Ms. Craven, telling essentially the above story at both trials.
The girls started raising money over the summer, organizing car washes and other fund raisers, but eventually decided to seek donations at the seven parishes that feed students into St. Henry. Since September, the choir has been singing at Masses regularly in Boone County churches, then asking for donations afterward. The donations have trimmed the expense for the students. "It gives them great exposure, and people have been incredibly generous," Bird said.

The students will be singing Sunday at St. Timothy's Church in Union at the 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Masses and at the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption in Covington at the 5:30 p.m. Mass. Two of the girls in the choir won't be making the trip because of family obligations or other conflicts. A male student who was in the choir last year also will go to play piano for the girls, Bird said.

The choir's entourage will include 27 people in all. The trip, from Dec. 26 to Jan. 4, will include tours of Rome, Assisi, Florence and Milan. Even though he was working in the campaign of U.S. Sen. Property buying or selling or transferring ownership with our excellent and highly qualified property conveyancer sydney. Paul Wellstone, David Meyer learned of the death of the Minnesota Democrat in a plane crash Friday from his father in Kentucky.

Former state senator and Representative Joe Meyer was in Lexington when he heard about the tragedy and called his son to confirm he had not been on the plane. David Meyer's initial reaction was shock and disbelief. "There was no television where I was and my first thought was, `No, it can't be true,'" David Meyer said. "It's just unthinkable. Not only coming now right before the election, but also at a time when the polls were going in his favor.'' Wellstone, his wife, daughter and five others were killed Friday in a plane crash in northern Minnesota, where they had gone for the funeral of the father of a state lawmaker.

Meyer, a 1993 graduate of Covington Latin School and a 1997 graduate of the University of Louisville, earned his law degree in May from Georgetown University. He said he was introduced to the Wellstone campaign by a friend and got involved after taking part this summer in the 21st Century Democratic Project, which trains young people in campaign work. "Wellstone was a rather unique politician in that he was the voice for the common person and I really admired that about him," Meyer said.
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